Why partner with us?

  • We are local talents that love helping corporations like yours to grow
  • We partner ourselves with reputable local and foreign companies to help enhance our offerings to you, by promoting only the best viable solutions that suit your corporation needs.
  • Our team members have extensive experiences in business dealings that can value-add our relationship as business partners.
  • As a new business entity, we need to have the right client base for us to grow, and we would want you to be a part of our business journey.
  • By positioning ourselves as your Consultant, we can offer a business relation that can go long term.

Our Solutions:

  • One-Stop Investment Platform for Various Unit Trust and Asset Management Companies (Unit Trust Funds:
  • Wrap and Non-Wrap, Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Funds, Money Market Funds)
  • Life Insurance & Takaful plans for Individual and Group
  • Employee Benefit Plans: Insurance & Takaful Plans
  • Key-Man Insurance & Takaful Plans for Management and Professionals
  • Personal Accident Insurance & Takaful Plans: Group and Individuals
  • Travel Insurance & Takaful Plans: Short trips and All-year
  • Business Insurance & Takaful: Public Liability, Money, Fire
  • Money Insurance & Takaful Plans
  • MRTA/MRTT for home owners; MRTA/MRTT for Staff Loans
  • Public Liability Insurance & Takaful Plans for Biz Owners
  • Public Indemnity Insurance & Takaful Plans for Mgmt. and Professionals
  • All-Risk Insurance & Takaful Plans for Homeowners & Biz Owners
  • Manufacturing Defects and Machinery Insurance & Takaful Plans
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Khairat Kematian (Compassionate Benefit) for local communities
  • General Insurance & Takaful: Customised Plans
  • Will Writing for Individuals
  • Will Storage Services
  • Corporate Training and Talks: Financial Education and Solutions Briefing
  • Awareness Talks for Public and NGOs (free by arrangements)